1. Fagor Pressure Cooker – The Leading Brand
Fagor Pressure Cooker is one of the most discussed kitchenware products for its durability, safety features and affordability. It has been manufactured by one of the largest appliance distributors in the continent, and in operation since 1954. It was considered as one of the pioneers of cooker in the United States before microwave ovens have taken over.
Fagor cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel that provides you a quick and easy way of healthy meal preparation. It reduces cooking time to 70% much earlier, while still retaining important water soluble vitamins and minerals. Not only that, foods cooked in Fagor cooker proved to be delicious and mouthwatering since the flavors are intensified during the cooking process. Also applicable with delicate foods and vegetables in which you can lower and release cooking pressure as quickly as you want. This is perfect for pot roast, stews, soups and savory sauces.
(Chèn ảnh ở đây)
2. The User Matters; Safest Pressure Cooker
Cookers made from Fagor are definitely safe. It has 4 safety features that can prevent incidents like blowing up cookers in your kitchen.
The features listed below are the safety mechanisms of Fagor pressure cooker:
* Primary over-pressure valve – an integrated release valve that releases pressure when it over-rises.
* Self-locking handle – a self-locking mechanism that prevents opening the cooker when it reaches a certain level of pressure.
* Secondary safety valve – that reduces excess pressure in case the first feature clogs-in or over-pressure.
* And lastly, in case when two mechanisms fail, a gasket will buckle and allow some pressure to be released in the cut-out of the lid. When using this feature, point this away from you to avoid injury.
3. Press the Pressure Cooker; Easy Control!
Fagor pressure cooker is very easy and simple to use. Regarding with its control features, Fagor cookers have a heavy duty stainless steel construction with a triple safety system that allows steam to not accumulate inside the cooker. It has an impact-bonded aluminum in its base that distributes even heat on the cooker.
The control dials have only 3 settings; the OPEN, REMOVE, and PRESSURIZED. Controls interlock, for safety, security for users. Just in case any of the safety mechanisms doesn’t work, automatically other features will kick in, and this makes it one of the safest cookers to date.

With its durability, many cookers do malfunction after a certain period of time when washed in a running tap regularly. Fagor pressure cooker is a dishwasher safe; cleaning will definitely be a no sweat. If do happen that the cooker malfunctions, Fagor guarantees and offers a 10 year warranty period for every purchased cooker. So as a consumer, you can buy the Fagor pressure cooker with great assurance that any glitches in its performance for the next decade will be rectified with free cost.
An excellent quality product starts with an excellent quality of safety. There is no other brand when we talked about efficiency in pressurized cooking, no doubt you can only see it in our Fagor pressure cooker.
If you want to know more why our Fagor Pressure Cooker is the leading brand, check our
Top Pressure Cooker Reviews. See positive and happy feedbacks from our satisfied customers. Click here to see more reviews of other pressure cooker


The magnificence of African cannot be denied. Its rich culture, heritage, art, and beauty has been sought after for generations. When it comes to the beauty of the body, Africa must be discussed. Not only does Africa hold much knowledge about skin and hair care, many essential ingredients found in body care products world wide can be found within its boarders. With the abundance of natural herbs, remedies and plants that the continent of Africa possesses, it is no wonder that they are a top producer of natural beauty products for the world to enjoy. The following are the top ten African beauty treatments and remedies that you can use at home in order to enhance the beauty that is within you.

1. Shea Butter or oil - shea butter or oil originates from the nut of the shea or karite tree. It is used to condition and moisturize the body when applied directly to the skin, hair, and nails. It also help reduce the look of stretch marks and wrinkles.

2. Honey – Honey is not only sweet to the taste, it is sweet for the body. It works wonders for extremely dry skin and has many anti-inflammatory properties. For a simple dandruff treatment, apply honey directly to scalp and rinse after a few minutes.

For extra smooth moisturized skin, try this:
* Mix equal parts honey and plain yogurt
* Apply a generous amount of the mixture to your skin while taking a hot shower
* Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes or more
* Rinse well with cool water
* Apply a natural moisturizer like olive oil for a beautiful glow

3. Olive Oil - Olive oil has long been used as a beauty product and is found in many commercial products today. Grown in many African countries, the olive tree produces the wonder oil that treats damaged hair, skin and nails.

For a conditioned head of frizz free natural curls, use an age old African beauty secret:
* Heat olive oil to a warm (NOT hot temperature)
* Mash a plantain or banana in a boil
* Add olive oil and mix
* Apply a generous amount to clean wet hair and place a plastic cap on hair for 20 minutes
* Rinse well with cool water
(not too sure about this one though… found online….)

4. Lavender - First used in North Africa, lavender works great as a natural deodorant and light perfume. It can also be used as an antiseptic to help prevent infections of the skin.

5. Rooibos Tea - The natural tea is packed with anti-oxidants that are beneficial to hair and skin. Also known as red tea, it contains high levels of alpha hydroxy and can be found in many beauty products that are currently out on the market. To experience the smooth glowing skin of many African women, use rooibos tea as an excellent exfoliator.
Try the following recipe for Rooibos tea exfoliator: * Brew a small pot of rooibos tea and let cool * Place two teaspoons of coarse sea salt in a bowl * Mix a 1/4 cup of rooibos tea with the coarse sea salt until it forms a paste * Apply to clean skin – rubbing mixture in a soft circular motion avoiding the eye area * Rinse with cool water to tighten pores * Apply natural shea butter as a moisturizer

6. Moringa Oil - This treatment has long been called a “miracle oil” because of all its great substances and amazing benefits. Full of oleic acid, its moisturizing properties and healthy vitamins can work to help reverse the aging process. Found in many beauty products, this West African miracle treatment is sought after by beauty companies all over the world.

7. Argan Oil - This oil has been noted for the magically transforming dry damaged hair into sleek and shiny locks. Its benefits do not stop there! Argan oil is great for acne-damaged skin, reducing fine lines and moisturizing dry skin.

8. Baobab Berry - This little berry contains more vitamin c than an orange! And that’s not all! The oil extracted from the seeds of the berry contains so many healthy properties it is a wonder it is not more common. For anyone suffering from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, baobab berry oil can perform wonders.

9. African Mango - This mango, which originates in Cameroon, is being promoted commercially as a super food. Natives already knew that this mango was full of vitamins and protein that can help lower cholesterol, speed up your metabolism and promote weight loss. Including this fruit in your diet may be just the boost you need to help get your body back on track.

10. Black Soap - This soap, made from the ashes of many native African plants and fruits, has been used mainly to treat common skin conditions. Dry skin, acne marks and wrinkles can all benefit from using black soap. When purchasing, be sure to confirm the authenticity of the black soap due to the availability of knockoff products.

The African inspired products and treatments listed above can help you enhance your beauty from the inside out. Anyone can use these beneficial products to keep themselves looking and feeling great. These tips will put you well on your way to better skin, hair and nails in no time.

Has anyone used any of the above oils for beauty treatment?

Any creative recipes for skin treatments (masks, lotions, creams)?





Contrary to what some may believe, fur fashion started not simply to make a fashion statement, but for necessity. In the ancient times, nomads would clothe themselves in the fur of their animals to keep warm during the night and through the cold winters. While majority of people tend to think fur fashion only came up around 1500 when the Europeans first reached North America, this was never the case at all. Rather, fur trade had already enjoyed a booming business in the middle ages particularly the Huron tribe.

The late 1930′s saw London consolidate itself as the world’s center of fur trade. Of course, France could not be left behind with a number of designers creating spectacular fur coats for both men and women. At the time, fur fashion was generally as sign of wealth and prestige, needless to say, every lady in town wished she had one. Still, it is important to note that these fur coats were expensive and best reserved for the wealthy. The cost would depend on the particular pelts being used. For example, lynx, beaver and bear fur were expensive whereas as rabbit and wolf fur were considered for the middle class society.

Brokers like Henry Kiver from Fenchurch Street joined forces with army dressers and cleaners to cater for the fur demand which was furiously sweeping over Europe. Minks and chinchilla become the order of the day with famous designer houses as Fendi creating some of the most desired mink coats.

Hundreds of years down the line, fur is still the “in” thing. The truth is that a majority of people are hesitant to rock fur. Animal rights movements are trying their best to kick out fur fashion for good.  However, fur fashion seems to be making a slow comeback with items like mink capes slowly regaining popularity. This coupled by the fact that faux fur does exist, makes us all optimistic that one day Fur fashion will be revived and its rich history revisited once more.

How do you feel about fur? ‘yeh’ or ‘neh’? Would you rock a fur coat?

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Many of us are unaware, or simply easily forget just how much power the food we eat really has. Deep inside the average household fridge is a pharmacy.  This pharmacy is fully equipped with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and medicine extracts needed for human health and wellness.

When many of us think of vegetables, we often have fond memories, from childhood, of making them disappear: dropping broccoli on the floor by accident, wrapping the celery sticks in a napkin, storing the dreaded spinach in our cheeks for later extraction. Little did our young minds know that we were literally throwing away medicine for our current and future bodies! Inside those strange looking/tasting things that mom used to make us eat were: antioxidants, various disease fighters, and so many other things that promote normal bone/blood/digestive/organ/body function.

Raw vegetables are wondrous for the body, health, and wellness. Their power should not be overlooked.


Some General Qualities of Vegetables:

  • Help lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • High in fiber
  • Great source of vitamin A and vitamin C
  • Help lower risk of disease
  • Promotes healthy eyes, skin, bones, teeth, heart
  • Strengthens all body systems such as immune, digestive, etc


Broccoli Great source of vitamins/minerals, helps prevent cancers and stoke, promotes healthy skin…..
Celery Antioxidants, aids nervous system, helps rid body of toxins (including CO2) and waste….
Great for weight and cholesterol control, prevents cancers, helps with red blood cell production…..
Other great and powerful vegetables to check out:

Bell peppers

Brussels spouts




Green beans










Egg plant


And so much more

The health benefits of vegetables have been researched and proven time and time again. Doctors, scientists, and nutritionists have tested the effects of vegetables in the human body. It would be very difficult or impossible to argue against all the evidence supporting the power of vegetables.

Reasons some people do not eat vegetables:

  • Education: Some people are simply unaware of the power of plants. This can be fixed after a quick Internet search or a 5 minutes discussion with a doctor or nutritionist.
  • Hate the taste: Yes, many vegetables have distinct tastes and smells that can take some getting used to. Be creative! Make deliciously spiced meals and use other preferred foods to mask unfavorable tastes.  And remember, like many medications, it is only seems un-pleasurable for a moment! J And benefits always out-weigh!


What do you think?

Can you find a way to increase your vegetable intake?

What are your favorite vegetables?



Most of us have heard or seen the phrase “Live, Love, Laugh” quoted in motivational speeches and written on plaques. Some of us have come to understand the meaning of it and adopt it in our daily life. In essence, the quote seems to hold the secret of how to live a happy and fulfilled life. This is done by: living life to the fullest, sharing and holding love, and spending much time in laughter. The secondary connotations of this phrase seems to be a dispelling of fear, limitation, doubt, apprehension, hate (of self and others), sorrow, sadness, depression…..  Putting away of all things that hinder or prevent us from truly living life in happiness.

Live, Love, Life!
Imagine if we all could truly encompass this, how would our life look or change?


Where exactly did this phrase ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ come from?

It would surprise some of us to know that the phrase was first developed in an amazing poem written by Bessie Anderson Stanley in 1904.

The poem lists several points that characterize a happy and successful life.  These include: love, destiny, purpose, positive influence, gratitude, appreciation, and other great attributes.

The poem is titled: “Success”

He has achieved success
who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much;
who has enjoyed the trust of pure women,
the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children;

who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;
who has left the world better than he found it
whether by an improved poppy,
a perfect poem or a rescued soul;

who has never lacked appreciation of Earth’s beauty
or failed to express it;
who has always looked for the best in others and
given them the best he had;

whose life was an inspiration;
whose memory a benediction.
–1904 Bessie Anderson Stanley

Think, share, and grow!….. What do you think of this poem? Can we find motivation in the poem? What does the poem say to you? And finally, what do you think will really is the secret to a happy life?

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Rise and Shine!!
Hello lovely Readers!


New and exciting things are happening at Arewa and we cannot wait to share them with you!

The following outlines just a few events and items to look out for this year:

  • Ribbon Rouge annual Aids awareness night (hosted by Arewa)
  • Nominations and recognition (Stay posted)
  • New Lookbook
  • New fashion collection
  • Trade show appearance
  • And more….

Keep updated here at www.arewa.ca for more detailed information about upcoming events.

What event are you looking forward to attending with Arewa this year?What would you like to know more about?


We are going on vacation!!! Yaaay! Double yaaayy!! Now what??

There are many things that need to be done before yelling ‘Bon-voyage’ and soaring off into the sunset!  Creating and planning a wonderful trip takes a little time, lots of research, and an open mind. Here are some simple steps that can help take your experience from simply great to wonderful and beyond!!


1)   Pick your destination and purpose
The first thing that will need to be planned is where and why! Will your destination be somewhere tropical beachside or concrete-city side? Will the trip be for business or pleasure? Or a little bit of both? Once this is determined- plans can be made accordingly.  A tentative budget can be made at this time.

2)   Collect the RIGHT info!
If this is a new destination, it is important to gather as much information as you can.  The internet is a wonderful source of knowledge. Try a variety of different sites to try and get a bigger picture of what to expect. A quick Google search such as “what to do in _____” “Best things to do in __________” “Best beaches in ___________” would be a good place to start. It would be wise to even go further than basic location sites. Get information on review sites from actual regular citizens who have visited those locations. And don’t forget to ask friends and family- they would lead you astray.


3)   Book your flight!
The phrase- “The early bird gets the worm” is so true in this case. Typically when planning a trip, the earlier the ticket is bought, the better it would be…. financially.  Flight prices tend to soar with time. So once the decision is made and the time is taken off work…. BOOK it!!


4)   Research! Research! Research!
This step is like step #2… only deeper.  By this time, you should have a good idea about what you (of your group) want to do and where you want to stay.  Research those sights and attractions that are of interest, get all the info, check some reviews, talk to friends and family.  Search for hotels, car rentals, and other crucial trip needs also. When planning for a trip, it is easy to get caught up in all the reviews and information out there. Everybody experiences the same thing differently so it is common to find the same hotel rated 5/5 by one person and 1/5 by another. It can be frustrating! In times like those, you may choose to use another factor (such as location, or proximity to an attraction) to help make your decision. Then… Book it!  There are many hidden treasures all around the world and a lot of great free attractions. Search with an open mind and you never now what you just might find.


5)   Confirm and organize!
In this stage all bookings can be confirmed and we get to the fun part- seeing our vacation come to life!! Proper organization can make the difference between a mediocre trip and an amazingly stupendous vacation. Organizing means putting things into perspective, figuring out when you would do what and when, determining times for events, and getting excited about what has just been created! An amazing vacation!! Note that this itinerary does not have to be fixed, it can be changed, redrafted, rearranged, added to or reduced – by you or the group once you get there! So feel free and expect to experience a great time!


6)   Pack…. Smart!
Packing ‘light’ seems to be highly recommended. Of course this is to insure fast and easy movement. However, for many of us, ‘light’ is relative and for others, the word does not even exist in the dictionary! So… pack SMART! Take what is needed and cut what is simply wanted in half. For example, chances are only one bathing suit is needed for a weekend trip to Miami. You really want to take 10  (just in case, a different one for every beach and after every meal)—you many choose to pack smarter by only taking 5 instead. Of course…. Smarter is in the eye of the packer. Just be smart about it. Know what you need and make sure you are comfortable with hauling your wants around.


7) Catch your flight and have a great trip!!

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Today, many of us took the time to celebrate and show our appreciation to the amazing men in our lives.  These men are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, mentors, father figures, and friends who we look up to and who possess those special characteristics of a father.

 People generally understand that the simple act of fathering a child does not automatically make a man is good father. Fatherhood is, after all, more than a DNA connection. It goes beyond the socially established title of “dad” and past the privilege of calling another person a son or daughter.

 A man who truly possesses a father’s heart is a blessing to his child, family and to those around him.

So, what are some of the characteristics of a great father?:

·      Sacrifice

·      Honorable

·      Ethical

·      Loving

·      Kind

·      Leader

·      Teacher

·      Role model

·      Mentor

·      Encourager

·      Supporter

·      Positive

·      Humorous

·      Communicator

·      Put others first

·      Affectionate

·      Giving

·      Relational

·      Unique

·      Understanding

·      Patient

·      Loyal

·      Considerate


 Now these characteristics can be present long before a man becomes a father.  Many women, especially those who have great fathers, look for similar qualities in potential partners. And can you blame them!!??

 Having a great father is a beautiful and wonderful thing!

 Big thank you to my dear father- a man who continues to show me what real love looks like.  I love and appreciate you always and forever! I am so thankful for your beautiful heart!

What are some other characteristics/qualities you see in your great father?


What is the biggest lesson your great father has taught you?


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During one of the busiest times at the gym, a handful of women were asked to describe their workout routine. The question was: What do you usually do at the gym and why? As expected, the majority expressed the need to lose weight or inches around their midsection. Another trend was the overwhelming stance and support for cardio equipment (such as the treadmill and the elliptical) and the conscious avoidance of weights and strength training equipment (such as dumbbells and leg press). Some women would spend over 2 hours on the treadmill while others would make their rounds hopping from elliptical to treadmill to bike before heading home. These Gym members were cardio heroes!
“I don’t lift”
The gym can be intimidating for anyone, especially for those who are new to exercise. The weight section of the gym seems to be the cause of most anxiety. When asked why they do not lift weights or do any kind of strength training, women gave all sorts of answers. The following are a few answers and short responses to address them:

1) I wouldn’t know what to do: This is a valid reason… for the first and second day at the gym. Many weight machines have pictures, explanations, and diagrams that indicate how they are used. Also, many personal trainers and gym staff would be happy to show you how to use and perform some great exercises. A simple question such as “Can you show me what exercises I can do for my legs?” can go a long way. Ask and you shall receive!

2) I don’t want to get bulky: Getting bulky and looking ‘like a man’ keep many women fearful of lifting. They have accepted the myth (yes myth) that weights = muscle = bulk. It simply does not work that way, unless that is the conscious aim and a specific process is put in place to bulk up. With that said, it is very difficult for women (even many men) to bulk up using only a basic strength training routine. The average woman (and many men) does not possess the right amount of hormones and testosterone needed to tell the muscles to grow fast, rapidly, and large! So relax ladies!! You will not end up looking like the Hulk!! What we want is lean muscle- and we get that by lifting!

3) I just want to lose weight: Yes the truth is that cardio helps with weight loss by burning calories. But the secret is that so does lifting weight!! Strength training and the presence of lean muscle, actually helps burn more calories, which mean better weight loss percentages.

4) I don’t want to/ I don’t need do!: Ok! Since when was life all about wants and perceived need?!! Water, for example, is often not the greatest wanted beverage and we may not feel we need it. The fact is, the body needs water to function and it has been scientifically proven that those who do drink water regularly are healthier (in various ways) than those who do not. In the same way… though lifting my not be wanted, the body needs it to build lean muscle which is needed to achieve many fitness goals such as weight loss and toning. In addition, it has been proven many times that those who lift weights (in any form) are healthier (in various ways) than those who do not.

Some benefits of lifting!

  • Improves core strength and posture
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis and other health issues
  • Helps increase insulin sensitivity
  • Improves strength needed for cardio activity
  • Makes daily activity easier to perform
  • Beneficial in maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Helps reduce injury
  • Helps burn more calories
  • Increases muscle and bone strength
  • Helps in weight loss and toning

Conclude: The benefits of lifting weights are too great to miss out on! It is important to have a combination of both cardio and strength training in order to optimize the workout. So, ask questions, do research, and do not forget to lift! :D

What is your typical workout routine? Do you have one?
How can you add strength training into it?